Hi [name of representative],


As a local business owner and resident of [name of town/county], I’m writing to respectfully express my concern for [name of ordinance].


This ordinance will cause more harm than good in our community in multiple ways, including:


 [Select the relevant options from the below list]

  • Driving business to surrounding communities that do not have the same tobacco restrictions.

  • Providing surrounding businesses an unfair competitive advantage by banning my business from selling the products adult consumers desire.

  • Providing surrounding businesses an unfair competitive advantage by forcing us to sell our products at a higher price.

  • Forcing police departments to regulate a new tobacco ordinance while issues with opioid abuse and homicide continue to plague the U.S.

  • Opening up an opportunity for criminals to sell banned tobacco products illegally on the black market, which can result in an increase in crime, violence and youth access to tobacco products.


Additionally, these ordinances limit the freedoms and choices of legal adults who can get married, serve our country and vote for leaders, such as yourself.  


While I understand the concern of youth tobacco use, please rest assured we do not sell tobacco to minors. In fact, our staff goes through extensive training to keep tobacco products away from underage individuals. 


We are doing our part to keep tobacco out of the hands of our community’s youth by not selling to minors. I am in favor of any laws that will keep children from using tobacco, but I can’t support an ordinance that doesn’t support my livelihood. 


For the sake of [name of town]’s community and local businesses, please vote “no” on [insert meeting date].


Please contact me if you have any questions.


Thank you, 



[business name]

[business address] 



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