The National Local Advocacy Alliance (NLAA) is a coalition of retailers, wholesalers, and concerned citizens across the United States founded to draw attention to the exponentially growing number of restrictive local ordinances on the sale of legal tobacco products that are harming local businesses.


The NLAA recognizes the negative effects burdensome local ordinances, such as increasing taxes, raising the age to purchase tobacco products, or even outright bans of certain products, can have on local communities. Such overreaching regulations often lead to job loss, increased crime, or even businesses closing or moving out of communities.


Working to prevent the negative effects of these kinds of local ordinances, the NLAA and its members advocate against such local government action.


In order to stop the continued advancement of excessive and harmful local policies, we need your help! To find out if your local government is considering a new, restrictive ordinance regarding the sale of tobacco products, take a look at our “Local Ordinances” page.

Speak Out Against Local Government Overreach