The National Local Advocacy Alliance (NLAA) works tirelessly to provide the necessary resources to inform consumers and business owners across the country about local government regulations on the sale of tobacco products. Business and consumer advocates working against burdensome local regulations are the most effective protection against local government overreach. Click on the paper clip icon below for a Fact Sheet about the various kinds of local tobacco restrictions.


In order to best equip advocates against local government ordinances, the NLAA has provided the background fact sheets listed below as a resource. The information in these fact sheets can be copied and pasted into a Take Action e-mail message that you can send to your local elected officials.


If you need additional information or support in your advocacy efforts, please contact the NLAA below.

Speak Out Against Local Government Overreach



Local governments across the nation are discussing burdensome regulations that will negatively impact local businesses. In order to best equip advocates against local government overreach, the NLAA has provided the below issue background fact sheets as a resource.


Raising awareness to other likeminded advocates is just one way to help prevent government overreach. Please share the below issue fact sheets and your personal experiences in preventing burdensome regulations with other interested advocates to spread awareness of issues that many communities are facing.