Restricting the Quantity of Tobacco Licenses and Locations

Some local governments have proposed limiting the number of, and ultimately reducing the quantity of, tobacco retail licenses in a jurisdiction by requiring stores to be a certain distance from schools, playgrounds, churches, and other locations minors visit often.


The rationale for limiting or reducing the number of retail licenses is to decrease overall consumption or availability of tobacco products to underage youth.


Restricting the number of licenses or locations will not limit illegal, underage access. Rather, limiting the number of retail tobacco licenses or preventing retailers from making substantial improvements in order to renew licenses puts local business owners at a disadvantage.


Most local retailers provide goods and services beyond tobacco products. Potentially putting them out of business will not only result in lost jobs and revenue to government, but also reduce outlets that serve food, beverages, medicines, household and other items in neighborhoods as well.


To learn more about efforts to restrict the quantity of tobacco licenses and locations and arguments against such efforts, please reference the below fact sheet.

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