Restrictions on Single Cigars and Cigar Package Size

Laws or regulations requiring cigars to be sold in packages of four or more and at an arbitrary minimum price have been adopted, or are being considered, by a number of local and state legislative bodies. Tobacco control interests claim that imposing such restrictions will reduce access to tobacco products by minors.


These laws and regulations appear to be more about banning the sale of legal flavored cigar products than illegal youth access to tobacco products. Therefore, prohibiting the sale of certain single cigars and cigars in packages of less than four imposes economic hardship on legitimate retailers without addressing the problem.


Restricting the sale of single cigars or requiring package sizes be a minimum of four or six cigars is a solution in search of a problem. This is supported by national government surveys, which demonstrate that illegal youth usage of cigars is low.


To learn more about efforts to implement restrictions on single cigars and cigar package sizes and arguments against such efforts, please reference the below fact sheet.

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